Dispatch 4

¡Estoy vivo! I’m alive!

Well, just barely. After spending a couple of excruciatingly painful days of throwing up and stomach cramps I am happy to let you all know that I am drinking this alien water and holding it down. I’m very weak and I can barely move but the stomach cramps and the vomiting have stopped, at least for now. I didn’t think I was going to make it.

But here I am still wondering if it’s the air I’m breathing or the water I am drinking or if the lack of food is going to kill me. All I need now is for the aliens to find me.

I just realized that I haven’t seen much of a civilization around me except for the light tower connecting me to Earth. Not that I can see very far through the mist enveloping me but I have not seen or heard anything resembling technology or intelligent life for that matter. The strangest part is that it is deathly quiet around me. All I hear is my own breathing and my other bodily noises.

Si mama, ya se pórtate bien, mom I know, I should behave.

It is just strange how there are no sounds anywhere. As for animals, I have seen bug-like creatures scurrying around. As I have already written to you all, there is very little vegetation where I am at right now. All I have seen is some moss-like growth on the rocks. It is the greenest thing I have ever seen. So far, it is the only thing that is not grey on this planet.

As for the insects, some look like large dark grey spiders with eight legs. There are also some worm-like grey things slithering around all over the place. I have stepped on a few as I walk around since they are so difficult to see among the grey rocks. At first I didn’t even realize they were worms until I went to sleep the first night I was here and saw them crawling around in front of my eyes. They are not all over the place but I see them regularly when they are slithering around. When they are not moving, it is hard to notice them.

Yesterday, or what I think was yesterday on this planet, I was able to eat some of my emergency rations, but I am still very, very weak. I believe I have about ten days of emergency rations left if I continue to ration myself carefully. Eventually I’m going to have to figure out what to eat as my rations are not going to last. My problem now is that I need to get my strength back and the only way I can think of doing that is through eating.

I am too weak to wonder what I’m going to do about food after my emergency rations run out so for now I’m going to focus on getting my strength back and then I’ll deal with my food situation. I may have to start eating some worms.

I will send a more detailed dispatch later once I have gotten some of my strength back. It is too difficult to concentrate right now.

Foxtrot 238, signing off.

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