Dispatch 3

Creo que me estoy muriendo; I think that I’m dying.

About eight hours ago, I finally drank some of the liquid I think is water. Less than an hour later, I started violently vomiting. The liquid has no taste, no odor and it is clear, like water yet I am really, really sick. The vomiting has not stopped and I’m afraid it’s dehydrating me even more.

At this point, I am not sure what else to do. I have no water left and this liquid is making me sick. There is no vegetation that I can see. Everything around me is rocky, grey rocks. The ground has a sandy feel to it, almost like fine beach sand but instead of tan or white, everything is grey. I mean everything is grey, the sky, the ground and the rocks. There is no vegetation that I can see; therefore boiling the liquid is out of the question as I have very little combustible material. I haven’t seen any wood.

The liquid seems to be coming out of the ground in one of the corners of the cave I have been making my home in since I arrived on the planet. That is why I was hoping it was water. I still think it is water but it must have some alien bacteria or virus in it.

My stomach definitely doesn’t like it.

It is funny how the things I ignored in class are now slowly trickling in, and some people didn’t think I learned anything.

Tengo una sed que no se me quita; I am so very thirsty.

I am now very weak and it is getting harder to think straight. These are the classic symptoms of dehydration we all learned about in survival class. Because of my weakness and difficulty in thinking, I’m not sure I will be able to convert another message into binary code to send over to you.

I am going to drink as much of this water as I can, even though I keep throwing it up. I will die either from dehydration or from some alien disease, either way I have to try something. Besides, who knows what I’m breathing in, anyway.

I can see the astrobiologists salivating at being able to examine my body!

I am not sure if I’m going to survive much longer but I’m going to try to send at least one more dispatch before I die.

Mama, papa los extraño, I miss you guys.

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