Terra Defence is a serialized web science fiction novel about Lt. Mario Kelly, a Terra Defence Raptor IV pilot who crashed into planet Bd, a previously unknown planet in the Alpha Centauri system. Armed only with his survival pack, his personal digital assistant (PDA) and no way to get home, Lt. Kelly continues the fight against unknown aliens that attacked Earth.

Follow Lt. Kelly’s weekly digital dispatches as he tries to discover who attacked Earth and why. Armed with limited technology in an alien world, Mario wonders how long he can survive. Knowing he is stranded almost five light years away, Kelly has promised himself that he will send Earth authorities as much information as he can discover using his digital assistant, his sketch pad and his camera, until his ultimate demise.

My experiment

This is an experimental episodial science fiction novel I’ve been writing in my head for many years, ever since I first saw Gerry Anderson’s UFO TV series. From that moment on, I was hooked on the concept of a serialized science fiction novel. Instead of the traditional paper-based written novel, I have decided to try an experiment tying together social media, multi-media technology and traditional serialized fiction. I am hoping to integrate television-type episodes into real-time online releases using various multimedia tools including traditional text, illustrations, photography and video to deliver to you the story arc as if it were happening in real-time.

I am hoping that as the story arc develops each episode will be driven by your thoughtful commentary. The idea is to deliver to you a science fiction novel crowd sourced by as many individuals as possible.

Release schedule

Although I will be releasing at least one episode a week the actual publication time of each episode will be published as dictated by the character’s story line. Although set one hundred years in the future the concept is driven by the character’s ability to communicate with Earth as he explores and adapts to the alien world he is on. There will be weeks when more than one episode will be released.

Each episode will be titled as a “dispatch” starting with number one and incrementing as I publish a new one.

When you visit the website, you will see the latest episodes. If you missed any episodes, you can navigate using the links under each episode or you  can start from episode one using the link “start here” at the bottom of each page. There is also a link to an episode index at the end of each episode.

Site Colophon.

If you like science fiction I hope you will consider joining my experiment.

Martín Paredes

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